Alternator Replacement in South London

Timing belt Replacement in South London, Starter Motor Replacement in South London

How much does an Alternator Replacement in South London cost?

The price of an alternator replacement varies depending on the make and model of your vehicle. There are many alternator manufacturers so you may be able to save money buying an alternator. There are units sold new or refurbished from your vehicles manufacturer as well as new or refurbished alternators from many different Autofactor outlets. Some highly rated manufacturers are Bosch, Valero and Lucas. The labour required to replace the alternator is then added to your chosen option if specified.

What are the symptoms of a failed Alternator?

It is very common for a vehicle to break down or fail to start after the alternator has failed. This is due to the vehicles batterys’ voltage dropping to a level rendering it unable to power the electrics required for the engine to run. A symptom to look out for prior to breaking down is the battery warning light illuminating whilst driving. In this instance you should contact your emergency breakdown assistance or contact your trusted mechanic.

How to maintain your Alternator and what causes it to fail?

The alternator is driven by the engine via a belt, this belt has a few names ( auxiliary belt, drive belt, serpentine belt or simply the alternator belt). This belt is made from rubber is naturally perishable, so checking it is part of your vehicle service schedule. If this belt fails the alternator cannot work.

An oil leak that contaminates the alternators can also cause premature failure, this issue must be addressed quickly as a preventative measure.

The battery fitted to the vehicle can also have an impact on the reliability of the alternator so it’s important to make sure the correct battery is fitted.

Like many other components in the vehicle an alternator is a serviceable component, having moving parts, it can fail for an no reason at all.

Alternator Replacement in South London

We at SP88 have been replacing alternators since 2005. We understand the diagnosis process and have the skill required to source and replace your vehicle alternator when required.

There are many ways to Contact us for a quote or diagnosis via the link.

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