Car Brakes Repair based in South London.

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A Mobile Car Mechanic Service that comes to you at home or work to repair your car brakes.

Brake discs and pads and brake fluid are wear and tear items on your vehicle and should be checked regularly. We can check your brakes at your for just £35.


Brake pads replacement & Brake Pads & Disc replacement

We ask for £40 labour to replace front brake pads and £50 for pads and discs.

We will give you the price for parts when you inquire you may also supply your own parts, however a charge will apply if the wrong parts are produced.

Your brake caliper will be cleaned and your pads greased to prevent brake squeal and your wheels tightened to the correct specification.

brake pad replacement cost


Brake Fluid replacement cost?

Brake fluid is absorbs moisture, manufactures recommend that brake fluid should be replaced every two years. The Fluid is yellow in colour and discolour with age. We ask for £55 parts and labour for a brake fluid change, we completely flush the system with new dot 4 brake fluid.  Call 07592637301 or use our contact form to book an appointment.

Brake Caliper replacement cost?

When brakes are not maintained the brake caliper can be damaged, this is often caused by the overheating of the brakes caused by worn brake pads or excessive rust build up on the brake caliper carrier. Please call us for Brake fault diagnostics or to find out the cost of replacing your brake caliper.

Free Advice

After having your brakes replaced, please avoid late braking and  be sure to brake carefully for at least 10 miles to allow the brakes to reach the correct level of efficiency.

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