Clutch Replacement in South London.

With experience we simply the clutch replacement process for you and repair your car quickly, usually done in one day.

Leave your car with us in the morning and collect in the afternoon or if it’s too late book a collection and delivery. We can collect and deliver your car via our flatbed recovery truck at extra cost.

For a Clutch Replacement quote   please call 07592637301 

We only fit parts we supply, as incorrect parts can create inconvenience for both parties you and us.

The Clutch Plate, Clutch Compression cover, and the Clutch Release bearing. Some cars require the driveshaft seals to be replaced to prevent leaking in the future. Gearbox oil is recycled in most cases but sometime replacement or a top up is necessary

Before booking your car in for clutch replacement, do you have one of the following symptoms?

Here are some symptoms you should have if your clutch is failing or  has failed.

  • Change in engine speed without noticeable acceleration. 

  • Change in perceived engine power when pulling a load. A slipping clutch reduces the amount of power delivered to the drive wheels.

  • Push down on the clutch pedal. Your clutch may need to be replaced if it takes only a little of the pedal movement to disengage it. 

We welcome all makes and models for Clutch Replacement

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