Mobile Car Electrician of South London and  Surrey.

Only £35 for a fault codes reading. 

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We offer Diagnostics and Repairs.


You have found a Mobile Car Electrician aka Auto Electrician based in South London with the skills to interpret  information from up to date diagnostic software. We can stop you needing to visit the main dealer! We are happy to offer advise over the phone.

Brake Repair, Collision & Auto Body Repair, Oil Changes, Transmissions, Gearbox Repair, Tune-Ups, Vehicle Painting, Vehicle Washing & Detailing, Windshield Repair
We cover Air Bags, ABS lights, Engine management and more for most makes and models.


We come to you and spend up to 45 mins diagnosing the fault.  When more time is required to diagnosing your fault you will be advised and there will be no extra charges without your consent.


We regularly diagnose and repair warning lights such as the Airbag light , ABS light, Engine Warning Light or any other warning lights that cause concern when lit on the dashboard . We check for blown fuses, sensors and mechanical parts. We do not depend only on what our computer says, our experience helps us to quickly identify a wide amount of faults.


Mobile Car Electrician aka Auto Electrician

  • Not Starting? 
  • Light Flashing on Dashboard? 
  • Something Not Working? 
  • Mobile Car Electrician Accessory Fitting.

We specialize in the installation on Parking Sensors, Reversing cameras, Dash Cams and Bluetooth hands free kits.

Do not hesitate to call our Mobile Car Electrician on 07592637301


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SP88 Mobile Mechanic Auto Electrician

Mobile Car Electrician, Fully Qualified Peugeot Auto Electrician working in Mitcham, Surrey. Covering Surrey and LondonBlown fuse, not starting, bulb blown, not working, battery replacement