Starter Motor Replacement in South London

Timing belt Replacement in South London, Starter Motor Replacement in South London

How much does it cost for starter motor replacement in south london?

The price of a starter motor replacement varies depending on the make and model of your vehicle. There are many manufacturers of Starter motors and you can save money buying one. There are new or refurbished units available from your vehicle’s manufacturer as well as new or refurbished alternators from many Autofactor outlets. Some highly rated manufacturers are Bosch, Valeo and Lucas. The labour required to replace the starter motor is then added to calculate the price.

What are the symptoms of a failed Starter motor?

Your vehicle will fail to start via the key or pushing the start button when the starter motor has failed. A symptom to look out for prior to failure is very slow turning over of the engine or a click noise when trying to start. This symptom is synonymous with a low battery voltage. In this instance you should contact your emergency breakdown assistance or your trusted mechanic.

How to maintain your starter motor?

There is no maintenance schedule for a starter motor but you can prevent premature failure of the starter motor by following these simple rules.

  • Do not try to start the engine when it’s already running.
  • Do not start your engine in gear.
  • Make sure when you turn the key to start it does not stay stuck in the starting position.
  • Make sure no engine oil is leaking onto the starter motor.

Starter Motor Replacement in South London

We at SP88 have been replacing starter motors since 2005. We understand the diagnosis process and have the skill required to source and replace your vehicle starter motor when required.

There are many ways to Contact us for a quote or diagnosis via the link.

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