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Timing belt Replacement in South London, Starter Motor Replacement in South London

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In  this article, the timing belts importance I write about how the timing belt keeps the engine synchronized, timing belt failure is common but usually only past the scheduled timing belt replacement interval.

Here is our basic explanation of why the engine need to be synchronized by the timing belt.

The Cylinder where all the magic happens, engines are built with varied configurations of cylinders and sizes.

{Did you know V8 engine have 8 cylinders, V10 have ten. there are even W16 engines that have 16 cylinders}

The cylinders are built strong enough to withstand the forces of billions of small explosions. Its where Pistons and Valves work in a small space at an unimaginable speed, within millimeters of each other; synchronised so the don’t ever touch. This creates the power for turning the wheels.
The Cylinder is used to contain compressed air called compression. Compression is used to help ignite fuel(burn fuel).In order to burn fuel (petrol or diesel) it must be mixed with air.

{Air the source of oxygen that is required to burn fuel. Petrol requires a spark via a spark plug to ignite. Diesel ignites when it enters hot compressed air}

and able come in and out the cylinder quickly,entering and exit the cylinder at the right time. The openings into the cylinder must open and close quickly, this is control by the camshaft.
The Camshaft located at the top of the cylinder,its a

{camshaft: a component of the engine, a rod with two fingers attached that could play two keys a seperate times on a piano in loop

a rotating shaft pushes the valve (the opening) into the cylinder to open before releasing to close. There are two necessary types of valve. The inlet and exhaust valve; the air enters the cylinder via the inlet valve then leaves, after being mixed with fuel and ignited; as a burnt gas.
The Crankshaft moves the Piston within the Cylinder, the Piston moves up and down in the Cylinder and and in return the crankshaft is rotated.

With the help of the starter motor the turning of the crankshaft begins.  The following usually go with a bang should the timing belt let the team down.

  • Firstly the inlet valve opens as the piston is on its way down, this draws the air and fuel mixture into the cylinder.

  • The inlet valve then closes as the piston then begins to move upwards now creating compression.
  • Just before the piston reaches the top of its travel the air/fuel mixture ignites, creating a small explosion called ignition.
  • The igniting air/fuel mixture creates energy, a force that pushes the piston down again. Enough to turn the crankshaft so that,
  • Said piston reaches the bottom of the cylinder, at this time the exhaust valve opens and as the piston goes up again and pushes the burnt gases out.
  • At the top of the cycle the exhaust valve closes and the inlet valve re opens and air is drawn in and we return  to the top.

The piston is now rotating the crankshaft is now turning continuously . Other cylinders are attached to the same crankshaft working in harmony with each other to provide power to cover the time the cylinder is not providing power.

This article should have given a simple and unique explanation on the working of an engine it can get a lot more complex than this.

The timing belt is used to keep the Crankshaft and Camshaft in synchronization, keeping the pistons and valves from crashing into each other. It is a toothed belt that drives pulleys at the end of the Cam and Crankshaft. This belt in many instances also run the water pump, the belt is tensioned using idle pulleys and a tensioning pulley.

When replacing the timing belt, a timing belt kit and water pump as well as new coolant will be required. It is not recommended to replace only the belt as the money spend buying these parts far out weight the repair cost. Should  an idler, tensioner or water pump seize it could or would affect the synchronization of the engine which is usually very expensive to repair in some cases uneconomical to repair.
Manufacture always specify a replacement schedule. If you are not sure contact us we can let you know as well as do the job.

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