nextbase dash cam

Nextbase dash cam fitting service

* Please note we can fit any Dashcam in areas nearby Sutton in London and Surrey

SP88 offers a Mobile Dash Cam fitting service. Currently the Nextbase dash cam is the most popular online. Rightly so, we have fitted many , they are really well designed. They don’t just stop there, some models have reversing camera options. Whilst fitting a dash cam why not have a reversing camera at the same time?

Having a Next Dash Cam fitted, is certainly easier than trying to find an eye witness should something happen to your vehicle. The Nextbase dash cam can be wired to be on all the time. As an auto electrical service we can only recommend wiring the dashcam in this way if you have a decent car battery fitted, you use the vehicle regularly and have a mini jump starter. 

That being said the Nextbase Dash cam can monitor the battery voltage and will turn off if it finds  the battery voltage falling significantly.

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Dash cam fitting service based in Sutton, serving areas nearby in London and Sutton.

What do I need before I have a dash cam fitted?

Firstly when considering a Nextbase dash cam, its a good idea to have buy the hardwire kit. Consider the rear camera option also, double the protection aswell as having a reversing camera. Two accessories in one.

Why should a Dash Cam be Professionally fitted?

No dangling wires, 95% of the wiring can be out of sight.

Free’s the 12v socket for phone charging etc.

Always recording, no risk of lost recordings.

How long does it take to fit a dash cam?

A dash cam can usually be fitted within 30 mins. However, if you choose the Nextbase front and rear dash cam it could take more time usually 1 hour.

How much does it cost to fit a dash cam?

Nextbase dash cam fitting service


Our Dash Cam fitting price configurator.

Fitting a dash cam provides the help in two ways. With fraudulent insurance claims on the rise you’ve got to stay protected. Think of your dash cam like your copy of CCTV on the road. It will safe guard evidence in an unexpected incidents.

Coupled with a reversing camera this kit kills two birds in one stone.

No need to occupy the car cigarette lighter, just have the vehicle hardwire kit connected to car battery or fuse box power port.


Additional information

Rear camera (reversing cam)

Yes, No

Hardwire Kit

Yes, No


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