Mobile Brake Pads Replacement

Based in Sutton, we serve areas nearby in London and Surrey.

When its time to change brake pads. Call SP88. We come to you at home or somewhere convenient, offering a cost effective – mobile brake pads and brake disc replacement.
A mobile brake pads change is cheap and quick – why spend time at a garage? We are able to replace brake pads and disc on all makes and models at your convenience.
If your car has an electric handbrake – that’s no problem, we have up to date diagnostic software that allows us to fully release the handbrake so we can do our job.
We supply high quality replacement pads and discs from local suppliers to ensure that when we visit you, the parts are new and the right parts for the vehicle.
Most noteworthy, a brake pads replacement costs from £40 plus parts . We always supply parts for your brakes at a fair price usually less than RRP. |To find out what brake pads should cost click here
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Affordability, Experience, Reliability

How much is a brake pads change?

Well you may have guessed brake pad replacements vary in price, however the time taken to complete the job is similar on many makes and models. We believe £40 is a fair starting price for labour, especially since its a mobile service. The price of brake pads can also vary depending on the quality of the materials the brake pads are made with. Cheap brake pads or the cheapest brake pads should always be avoided. We supply OEM ( Manufacture quality brake pads) as well as high performance brake pads for those experimenting with the upper limits of braking power.

What will my parts cost if you buy them your self? Click here.

How often do brake pads need to be replaced?

Brake pads should be checked :

  • because of a squealing & grinding noises
  • vibrations whilst braking
  • a warning light on the dash 
  • part of your oil change & service.

The condition of your brake discs must also be checked!

Why does my brake discs need replacing?

The brake disc is the surface that absorbs and dissipates heat, caused by the brake pad pressing against it. This ensures a smooth and efficient braking system. Brake pads can’t do its job well without decent brake discs to work with! With cautious driving and braking, brake discs can last a very long time. In our experience they can live through two sets of brake pads. However, brake pads are friction materials so the surface of the discs will wear away over time. 

Reasons to replace a brake discs :

  • Excessive rust
  • Vibration when braking
  • Damage from brake pads that are completely worn out
  • Cracked brake discs
  • Worn below the minimum thickness.

Why the brake fluid needs to be regularly changed?

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid as such, its used to actually put pressure on the brake pads when braking. This fluid has a high boiling point in order to withstand the heat generated from the pads when there pushed against the brake discs to stop the vehicle. Unfortunately brake fluid is hydroscopic/absorbs water so its recommended to replace it at least every two years.
When brake fluid has absorbed too much water, this affects the brake fluids ability to do its job well.
  • Over-heating brakes: Because of water, the boiling point of the brake fluid lowers – when combined with frequent heavy braking, the brakes can over-heat way before reaching the minimum temperature it was designed to withstand. If you have not experienced the feeling of over heated brakes, it can be scary. The brake pedal goes further towards the floor with highly reduced braking efficiency.
  • Spongy brakes: A symptom you may encounter with brake fluid that has not been changed for a long time would be a spongy brake pedal. Its because over time- air finds its way into the brake lines, as air can be compressed unlike brake fluid. 
  • Contamination: Brake fluid should not be Black, Brown or Green. When the brake fluid is new its yellow/gold, its service interval is 2 years on most makes and models. Contaminated brake fluid can cause damage to components within brake and clutch ( yes the clutch in manual cars use brake fluid as well.)
Mobile Brake Pads change