Mobile Oil Change

Based in Sutton, we serve areas nearby in London and Surrey.

When its time to change your engine oil. Call SP88. We come to you at home or somewhere convenient, offering a cost effective – Mobile Oil Change Service.
A mobile oil change is cheap and quick – why spend time at a garage? We are able to replace your engine oil and filter on all makes and models at your convenience.
If you vehicle requires a service – that’s no problem, we are able to service your vehicle according to manufacture standards.
We supply high quality replacement engine oil and oil filters from local suppliers to ensure that when we visit you, the parts are new and the right parts for the vehicle.
Most noteworthy, we can change your oil from £40 plus parts . We always supply parts for your car at a fair price usually less than RRP. |To find out what an engine oil and filter should cost click here
High Quality engine oil
WE will only supply high quality engine oil for your vehicle.
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How much is an Oil change?

Well you may have guessed engine oil varies in price, and the quantity required also varies. However the time taken to complete the job is similar on many makes and models. We believe £40 is a fair starting price for labour, especially since its a mobile oil change service. The price of engine oil can also vary depending on the brand used. The cheapest engine oil and oil filter should always be avoided. We supply OEM ( Manufacture quality) engine oil as well as high performance oil for those looking towards with the upper limits of engine performance and reliability.

What will the parts cost if you buy them your self? Click here.

How often does engine oil need to be checked?

Engine oil should be checked :

  • before long journeys
  • at least monthly
  • before topping up
  • when the oil warning light is lit.

Top tips: How to check the engine oil level before topping up the oil?

If you need to top up engine oil, remember that the difference between the maximum oil your engine takes and the minimum is 95% of the time only 1 litre. Its never ok to pour oil into the engine without knowing how much oil it needs. If your not sure, ask us for a video call on What’s App.

Why does my engine oil need replacing?

The engine oil is used to control the friction in the engine with all its moving parts, the quality of the oil has a direct influence on the friction control.

Reasons to replace a brake discs :

  • Excessive rust
  • Vibration when braking
  • Damage from brake pads that are completely worn out
  • Cracked brake discs
  • Worn below the minimum thickness.

How much is a Service?

Firstly we offer more than just a mobile oil change serve currently we offer an A,  B and C service as well as collection and delivery Mot.

A Service

From £75 plus parts we come to you at your convenience in areas nearby Sutton, Surrey.

  • Engine Oil & Oil filter replacement
  • Air filter (filters the air to the engine)
  • Battery Tested
  • Engine coolant anti freeze strength tested
  • Brake Pads and disc checked
  • Tyres checked
  • Front and Rear Lights light bulbs tested
  • Wiper Blades & Washer fluid checked
  • Road tested suspension check

B Service

From £100 plus parts

  • All of A service
  • Spark plugs replacement
  • Fuel Filter replacement
  • Tyre pressure check including spare 
  • Pollen Filter replacement
  • Suspension Physically and Visually checked
  • Exhaust Checked

C Service

From £165 plus part 

  • All of B service
  • Operation of the doors, horn, warning lights on the dash, exterior lights, windscreen condition and more.
  • MOT collection and Delivery
  • Car washed