SP88 Auto Electrician and Mobile Mechanic

Reversing Camera fitted

We fit reversing cameras .
Your reversing camera fitted from £110.
Currently we’re offering fantastic value for money with the kits we supply.

Auto VOX M1

Reversing camera and dashboard mounted display from supplied and fitted £140.

Rear view mirror reversing camera

with a built in dash cam supplied and fitted from $140.
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Affordability, Experience, Reliability

Reversing camera fitted

You have found a Mobile Rear View Camera Fitting service.

Firstly offer this service in Sutton serving areas nearby.

Reversing Cameras are also called back up cameras and rear view cameras they all the same. This service is for cars, vans and motor homes. All our work comes with a 1 year warranty.

As always, pride is taken with all our work. So our presentation after the install will have no untidy wiring if any will be visible. Our installation will not affect any of your vehicles electrical systems.

Most noteworthy, we are able to fit many other vehicle accessories as well as offer mechanical services. 

Experience means we have the skills to interpret information from up to date diagnostic software and over 12 years experience in the motor trade diagnosing, repairing and maintaining vehicles. Therefore we can stop you needing to visit the main dealer!

Lastly we’re always happy to help with further enquires on the phone.

How does a Reversing camera help you?

Rear-view, reversing, or parking cameras help drivers to see obstacles behind while reversing a car, van, bus, or lorry. Some cameras come with monitors, but others plug into existing satellite navigation and multimedia systems. Buyers should ensure that their camera units are compatible with their in-car systems. Some rear-view cameras are vehicle-specific, we only supply universal cameras that fit all vehicles.

Buyers can choose their own manufacture specific cameras at car accessory shops.


How do we fit most of our Rear view cameras?

The camera is usually wired to the reversing light. This is usually done at the rear light cluster where it is easier to access and identify the wires. Another method of wiring would be power is always on. This is achieved by attaching the positive wire of the camera to a power source that comes on with the ignition.

Why should we fit your Backup camera

We at SP88 take pride in our installations, we do not carry out work that would have an adverse affect on your vehicle. When the kit is installed the wiring is carefully hidden away wear ever possible.