ParkSafe PS540 Parking Camera

Parksafe PS540 Parking Sensors. These sensors can be fitted to the front or rear or both front and rear. Each kit is as pictured above plus addition wiring. We have fitted this kit for a number of years and deem theses highly reliable and are amazed by its factory fitted look.

These parking sensors will help your reverse with confidence whilst saving you time in your journey. Best of all you will reduce the risk of damage to your car. 

We offer fitting and colour coding service for this product. 

Reversing Camera fitted sutton

Auto-Vox M1 Reversing camera kit. A high quality kit cleverly designed featuring a high quality camera and large display.With this kit fitted you will have a clear view of all obstacles behind you allowing greater confidence and maneuverability.

The reversing camera has a very sleek design and looks great when fitted. At night this camera wont disappoint, it has very good night vision. The display can be fitted discretely and won’t distract you whilst driving. 

We offer a fitting service for this product.

reversing cameras fitted

Uzone Universal Car Rear View Backup Camera. Reverse with confidence night and day with this high definition reversing camera. This is a high quality camera that will easily connect to your aftermarket sat nav radio. 

The camera has a tough and flexible design that looks more modern than the competition. This reversing camera has proven its night vision capability. The 170 degree wide angle camera provides excellent vision in hd definition.

We offer a fitting service for this product.

dash cam fitted

ORSKEY Dash Cam and Reverse camera. With insurance claims going you’ve got to stay protected. Think of your dash cam like your copy of CCTV on the road. It will safe guard evidence in an unexpected incidents.

You can add a reversing camera which is a bonus if you considered having both Its recommended that a hard wire kit is purchased along with this Dash Cam because it will allow a tidier install allowing you to keep use of your 12v socket.

We offer a fitting service for this product.

Alpine SWE 815 subwoofer

ALPINE SWE 815 Sub-woofer. Add some more bass….. Just wait for the beat to drop with this sub-woofer fitted in your boot. This compact sub-woofer  hits the spot. The extra bass will put a smile on your face. 

Its an 8 inch sub-woofer with 100 watts RMS that can be fitted to your factory or aftermarket stereo. It does require some additional wiring and possibly an RCA converter. 

We offer a fitting service for this product.

H7 led headlight bulbs

Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit. With bright white light thats also asetheticly pleasing you will find the gained night time vision a bonus.

The Led light replace H7 halogen light bulbs. This particlular model does not trigger any warning lights. 

It boasts a 6,000K, 60-watt bulbs last 50,000 hours and which has an aluminum housing and TurboCool fans to prevent overheating. 

We offer a fitting service for this product.

HUACANG 12V-24V Vehicle Backup

HUACANG 12V-24V Vehicle Backup Camera System. For large vans, tippers and lorries this is a cost effective reversing camera option. This kit benefits from a large screen and robust camera. 

The reversing camera has a clever design allowing it to be mounted in many positions. It looks great when fitted Built with nigh vision technology it has 18 IR leds.

We offer a fitting service on this product.

Sat nav radio installation

ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo with Dual Bluetooth. Upgrading your cars aesthetics as well as the stereos capability your’e on to a winner with this high-tech android radio. Its very popular at the moment for cost effective but high tech features.

You may need to purchase a fascia adapter, radio aerial adapter and wiring harness adapter. 

We offer a fitting service for this product.